2017: Time to speak is now

and time to paint is now too. Enough of moping, enough complaining of politicians. Here’s promising a more engaged 2017, through art and action. I will speak up, I will show my art more, talk about art more, talk about politics more and ask questions, hear people’s stories and make an effort to get out of my bubble. Narcissist demagogues cannot be a result of our inaction henceforth. We have to create better options for people to choose from.

Image above: Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite

2 thoughts on “2017: Time to speak is now

  1. Hi Uma!
    This piece is so amazing, once again!! 😀 I really love your work.

    And I just saw that you are going to lead a workshop in Chicago! Congrats and thank you for sharing your technique!
    I am really excited about attending it. 🙂

    I was wondering, though, if you envisioned to include a few quick demos to your workshop? Actually, I felt slightly frustrated last year in Manchester because most of the instructors didn’t do any demo, not even a short one…
    Of course, the teaching part and practicing through clever assignments to learn things are really exciting and important but I am a sort of “sponge learner”.
    I learn a lot just looking at someone creating, especially if he or she gives good explanations about his/her creative thinking, process and choices. 🙂

    And I would like so much being able to look at you when you paint! 😉

    Thank you in advance for the info and see you in Chicago!

    1. Hi Anne-Laure,

      I look forward to seeing you in Chicago and you will have a chance to see me demonstrate at the symposium(there is a special demo section). During my workshop, I intend to keep my demo very light and quick. We all try to teach to the middle of the crowd and most of the students want to practice more than see someone else do it, having done a lot of sketching themselves. So, it’s not easy to satisfy everyone and we are bound to disappoint a few.

      I am excited about teaching at the Symposium too! Yahoo!


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