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Shop is temporarily closed to re-stock with newer and fresher paintings. Sold paintings will be available via prints.
February 17, 2017

Don’t want to visit galleries, yet want quality paintings? Don’t want to support mass produced art but want to support local artists who strive for originality? Want to know an artist who stands behind the quality of each and every painting? Look no further.

  • In this shop, you are buying from the artist directly.
  • The lowered prices reflect the lack of additional gallery/store fees.
  • Every painting is on top quality paper and made with the best pigments in the world.
  • Every painting is signed and is an original.
  • Paintings are unframed to give you the freedom of framing as per your liking as well as to keep shipping costs to a minimum.
  • Uma would be happy to recommend a mat color, method of matting and widths of mat. Uma wants you to have the best presentation possible.
  • Price of every painting is $350.
  • Sales tax & shipping fees extra.
Want precise size? Exact pigments, history of the subject? Use the contact form below. Most paintings are half sheet.






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Masterpieces according to Uma

  • These paintings are not available unframed because frames protect them from aging.
  • All masterpieces start at $1000.
  • All masterpieces are one of a kind and are signed by the artist.
  • Uma believes that because of the sheer technical skills, composition and thought, these paintings fall in the collectible category where purchases are deemed as investments.




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