TICKETS: Workshop: Make Your Own Coloring Book!


Cross the divide between analog and digital media of art creation!

This skill based tutorial is aimed at helping people connect the traditional method of drawing with the new upcoming way of sketching using iPad Pro and the Procreate application. The iPad Pro has many features but its slick surface gives no feedback to those who are used to drawing on regular paper. Uma will help you lower the initial barrier into making the digital media your own. By segueing you into making your coloring books in Procreate App, you are more likely to use the app for coloring; as you begin your digital practice. Overtime, familiarity will increase confidence and will ease you into making complete pictures, from drawing to coloring, directly on an iPad.

A bonus skill is having your own drawings be made into coloring pages not only for yourself but for your children. This is an inclusive activity, I feel, where despite being a electronic-handheld device, parents can engage with their children in a creative pursuit. I speak from sustained personal experience.

Arch Art and Drafting Supplies store lends it’s light filled studio for our in-studio workshop.

Saturday, April 28, 12PM-3PM

If you sign up, it is assumed you’ve read the FAQ below, so please do read!

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Is there a minimum age requirement to enter the event?

18 years or older

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Limited parking within Arch Supply premises available. Street parking is available.

What can I bring to the workshop?

  1. Charged iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.
    • Latest Procreate App installed.
    • Bring a power bank to be safe.
    • Charger cable (Limited electrical outlets are available and will be used in emergency).
  2. Permanent Marker – black
  3. Sketchbook to draw in – paper needs to be thicker than regular printing paper. Paper thickness is measured in lb. 65 lb – 90 lb will work best.

What’s the refund policy?

No refunds unless venue/dates change.

Is previous Procreate experience required?

Massive procreate experience is not required. But experience enough to install it, draw a circle and a square in it is required.

How big is the class?

We will be ~7 of us.

My kid/spouse/friend wants to just look, can I bring her/him along?

Event for paid ticket holders only.

What will be shown on social media?

If you permit, your work will be shown on social media after the event – either on UmaPaints or on this website. You may be photographed as part of the workshop group photo. You can decline – but I request you not to.


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