Landscape paintings

The classic topic of painters who paint in the classical method of painting watercolors.


9 thoughts on “Landscape paintings

  1. I like these watercolours, because they have a nervousness and life in them, not only sponteanity but some restlesness. Keep on painting.

    1. I like that word – nervousness – no one else said it before and I can feel it sometimes when I paint. I think it is a reflection of the state of my mind when I paint. When I’ve practiced consistently, the nervousness is replaced by confidence with shades of impunity.

      1. ‘Nervousness’ well, English is not my mothertongue, so…

        But I think the word describes, partly, your work very well, especially the way you use lines. This is very visible in your portraits, your line work.
        And the colours, are good too, imHo.
        Many times you read about watercolour artists who say things like. ” One wrong brush stroke and the painting is ruined ” I don’ t really agree with that, Oviously one can not repaint certain areas as with an oil painting, But whether a painting is ‘ruined’ or not does not depend on one or two single brush strokes..

        I saw the video on Youtube, where you do an interview and give a demonstration. Will you be putting other demonstration videos on Youtube?

        Thank you.

        1. Hi Peter,

          While it will be self promoting to put videos online, I don’t have the equipment to do record, edit and then upload. Someday..yeah, sure, but in near future, no real intent exists. Thanks for checking it out! Do you paint yourself?

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for replying and sorry about my own, late, reply.
    ..your site does not have a ” contact me when there is a new comment on this thread ” button..

    How do you like Marc T Holmes ‘ s work ? And the oils of O . Kokoschka?
    I paint as well, struggling to get to know the different papers, brushes, brands etc.

    1. I love the energy of Marc Holmes’ sketches. I was attracted to the heavy contrast of urban sketchers a lot of whom are illustrators and the contrast and composition comes to them as a trade skill. I am moving back to my painting style with hopefully newer skills. This year is the year of renewal – I can feel it – I don’t know where my practice is taking me, but I know it is going to be taking me to a space which will be mine. I don’t know you Peter, so I am sorry if I spoke on and on.

      Do you mean Oskar Kokoschka? Frankly, I was not aware of his work until you mentioned him. He seems to be an honest artist – his artwork seems to reflect his face and it’s vibe to me! The strokes and color project a turmoil – which is amazing.

      @Not having contact me when someone responds, I’ll look into it – but, best way to keep a social dialog going would be to use social media.

      1. Yes, Kokoschka …full of nervousness I’ d say.
        and Holmes, I think his work is so loose and tight at the same time.
        I ll stick to you Fb site, easier to keep up.


  3. ….and about uploading videos, how about some still images, from different stages of the painting proces?

    Thank you,


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