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If you love Potter’s Pink and use it extensively, this article will not resonate. It will resonate if you are looking for ways to cut-back on the # of pigments... Read More


Truth: All the types of brushes (as far as shape, handle length, purpose) have been around for years. What’s new is in the synthetic hair material. A conditioned purist, I... Read More

Gouache Study

Search engine results for ‘Edgar Payne’ gave me a slew of images. I painted the first 24. I bought tubes of Gouache paint ($$$) recently. The delicate mixes that one... Read More

Open Studio: Do’s and Dont’s

I’ve never been to an Open Studio. How does one enjoy it? Every relationship they say rests on communication of expectations. I can lay out what watercolor artists might be... Read More

Uma’s Current Palette 2020

Here are 5 pigments that I have in addition to the bare minimum 6 pigments in the palette. Those 6 have the immovable position in the palette. Since a palette... Read More