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The very latest news about Uma!

COMPOSE: A Masterclass

I am excited to share my inaugural Masterclass called COMPOSE with you online and to thus make it accessible wherever you may be. PURPOSE This is a long format masterclass... Read More


Vivify wants to find out if music affects how we paint. To answer this question, first we have to conduct an experiment where participants do paintings with or without music.... Read More

Black Lives Matter

I am grief stricken for my country and from my own inaction when the black community was being the collateral damage for years. As artists, we learn to be objective... Read More

Open Studio: Do’s and Dont’s

I’ve never been to an Open Studio. How does one enjoy it? Every relationship they say rests on communication of expectations. I can lay out what watercolor artists might be... Read More

Urban Sketching Master Class

This is the inaugural Urban Sketching Master Class. The week will provide a full immersion workshop experience, on the finest Island campus-known for its extraordinary light and color, with unlimited... Read More

New Book!

UPDATE: September 2020Sorry it took me long to say this, but the book is out. It came out February 2020 but it was the day I was away at a... Read More


2019 is the third year of Direct Watercolor Challenge – a challenge that Marc Taro Holmes pioneered. Marc and I will co-host the #directwatercolor2019 on Facebook. Like every year, the... Read More


CHOKING – When painting becomes a spectator sport Painting is traditionally a private task where most of the background work for a particular piece happens inside the artist’s brain or... Read More

TICKETS: Gray Matter

The workshop is Austin, Texas has finalized and tickets can be bought here <CLICK>.  ... Read More

June already?!

What happened? I am complaining about June happening so fast on August 2, 2018. This is the fastest year ever and despite that speed, it has been a most giving... Read More