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The very latest news about Uma!

Charles Reid workshop

Day 1 and 2 Were life painting sessions with very attractive models – Jaki and Rachel. Attractive to draw. They posed well and patiently under the warm spot lights. Since... Read More

Visit to Pacific Northwest

  What a beautiful country this is! Even though we were early to visit the Olympic National Park – temperature wise – we thoroughly enjoyed its beauty. Fresh air, icy waters,... Read More

Celebration of JKPP ended

All good things must end and so did the wonderful weekend meeting portrait artists who we have come to know online but never met in person until March 28-29 in... Read More

Independent Artist

Uma will not show her works at Gallery House starting Feb 2015. She is focussed on making 2015 a year of renewal and skill expansion! There’s more art to come!... Read More

Celebration for JKPP begins

Julia Kay’s Portrait(online) Party began 5 years ago with 1 person – Julia Kay, as she shared photos of herself with friends so that they could have a reference photograph... Read More


This image made it to Flickr Explore for Dec 17, 2014. It was 6:00am Costa Rica time and magically, the kids were not awake nor was my husband! It was... Read More

‘Twas a grand reception!

It was a wonderful evening – family, friends, fans, good art, book signing, much support and appreciation of my own and my family’s efforts. I revelled. Heartfelt thanks to all those who supported,... Read More

Buy online: Behind the Scenes

Uma Kelkar’s first book on sketching, Behind the Scenes: The Story of Unsung Sketches has been released for online sale. It’s a beautiful hardbound book with 35+ color photographs of never... Read More

The book is here!

Arin and I were jumping up and down seeing the first version of the book! It made me happier to see that he was more excited to open the package than... Read More

Choice: Press Release

CHOICE A show of dynamic watercolors by award winning artist, UMA KELKAR Gallery House, Palo Alto: Sept 23 – Oct 18, 2014 Reception:  Sat, Sept 27, 2014, 6:00 pm –... Read More