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U-slim shady

I am a Velcro fan. Over time, I’ve made videos of some of the uses of Velcro for plein air painting I’ve devised and am linking to them below. Today... Read More


Truth: All the types of brushes (as far as shape, handle length, purpose) have been around for years. What’s new is in the synthetic hair material. A conditioned purist, I... Read More


Vivify wants to find out if music affects how we paint. To answer this question, first we have to conduct an experiment where participants do paintings with or without music.... Read More

Open Studio: Do’s and Dont’s

I’ve never been to an Open Studio. How does one enjoy it? Every relationship they say rests on communication of expectations. I can lay out what watercolor artists might be... Read More

Review: Apocalypse Variations

This blog post is a review of Marc Taro Holme’s latest self published monograph. I read Marc’s monograph last week and was blown away. If the act of doing art... Read More

New Book!

UPDATE: September 2020Sorry it took me long to say this, but the book is out. It came out February 2020 but it was the day I was away at a... Read More

Big Impact in a Pocket Palette

Direct Watercolor Challenge for 2019 is about to begin. And like last year, we have a special set of people hosting and participating in it. The challenge itself is the... Read More


2019 is the third year of Direct Watercolor Challenge – a challenge that Marc Taro Holmes pioneered. Marc and I will co-host the #directwatercolor2019 on Facebook. Like every year, the... Read More

Run up to Chicago

Elegance in Watercolors starts off in Chicago in April. Between now and early April, we have 8 weeks to finish 4 assignments that can get us warmed up for the... Read More

Yosemite, Once Again

Yosemite, Once Again One can never have enough of this park. Every time you visit it, the urge to shoot every frame rises within you. It’s followed by immense awe... Read More