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Shilpa came up with the idea of deliberately controlling palette as a challenge to learn about color harmony and to instill discipline within us to create art everyday even when... Read More


Collabustrations: Joint projects of a very talented drawer and his mom. First post of collabustration – where the kid draws and I color. Or I draw and he erases and... Read More


After dreaming for years about having my space – my physical and emotional space to paint, to experiment, to fail and enjoy that failure in all that it can teach... Read More

USK Links

Welcome to the world of Urban Sketchers(USK)! This is truly a positive feedback community that encourages the artists and keeps on growing art through the artists. We are celebrating the... Read More

Portrait, Book, Workshop, Sketchwalk

Much has been happening past month, visitors, friends, dinners – it’s been very happy but now the family is spent. I am logging onto my website this am when chores’... Read More

HOW, WHEN, WHERE Quick Studies

HOW WHEN WHERE At my last workshop, I had the notes that showed HOW, WHEN and WHERE to do quick sketching if you are juggling a career and family like... Read More

Succumbing to iPad

After much back and forth for about 3-4 years, I bit the bullet. It was an opportune time – I was single parenting, office work was stressful, household chores &... Read More

Weekend warriors: Workshop in May!

Urban Wilderness: How to do a quick capture Have you always wanted to draw the way you did when you were growing up but don’t have time now? Let’s learn... Read More

Lake District

Haystacks behind us. Our spot to paint Lake Buttermere from. Wonder where the dogs went! There they are! Mist, Elkie, Paddy The breakfast at Rickerby Country Grange was always good.... Read More

Super bloom

                 ... Read More