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Rise of the vacuous

I read the following recently which resonated with me- Carl Jung: “Since it is universally believed that man “is” what his consciousness knows of itself, he regards himself as harmless... Read More

Study book #5,6,7 are cataloged

It’s with immense pleasure that I look upon all my study books when I catalog new ones. I find it very amusing that I feel no shame in indulging in... Read More

Drought of 2015

The yard is looking forlorn. Vegetables are looking like growing them has been a punishment. We are salvaging as much water as we can from first use of washing hands, fruits and rinsing... Read More


Even if little, the little rain means thee gorgeous trees flower. In Palo Alto Art Center.... Read More

Ornaments 2014

Each year, we recycle magazine paper into bows, ribbons, ornaments. So far since 2010, we’ve not had to repeat any patterns. This year’s ornaments were great but the tree never came... Read More

Buy online: Behind the Scenes

Uma Kelkar’s first book on sketching, Behind the Scenes: The Story of Unsung Sketches has been released for online sale. It’s a beautiful hardbound book with 35+ color photographs of never... Read More

The book is here!

Arin and I were jumping up and down seeing the first version of the book! It made me happier to see that he was more excited to open the package than... Read More

Sail boats!

Sail boats from wine bottle corks and twigs. Glue guns rule. Sails from garlic bags, one mast from twig, the other from toothpick. Rubber band as the gluing agent for the... Read More

Stanford Dish

This photograph is from early spring. It was so scenic and peaceful. Counting gopher and squirrel holes in someone else’s yard is so enjoyable!... Read More