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Sketches are mostly for study purposes and will include pencil, ink and fast in-situ watercolor work.

Gouache Study

Search engine results for ‘Edgar Payne’ gave me a slew of images. I painted the first 24. I bought tubes of Gouache paint ($$$) recently. The delicate mixes that one... Read More

Hidden Spaces

This post is a work in progress. You will see it being built into a final story by end of February. But until then, you will see the bit and... Read More

Yosemite, Once Again

Yosemite, Once Again One can never have enough of this park. Every time you visit it, the urge to shoot every frame rises within you. It’s followed by immense awe... Read More


Shilpa came up with the idea of deliberately controlling palette as a challenge to learn about color harmony and to instill discipline within us to create art everyday even when... Read More

[digital] inside job

As my kids grow older and have their own devices to use, it becomes less scary to bring out the iPad and enables longer poses. Sports matches are an amazing... Read More

[digital] Food Joints

So I draw a lot in coffee houses – especially a lot of digital work is done there as well as in grocery stores where an errand and drawing can... Read More

Sketch with me this Thursday!

I am leading a Sketch Walk at the Apple Store, Union Square, San Francisco this coming Thursday, Nov 30, 4-6pm. If you have your iPad, bring it with procreate app... Read More

Portrait, Book, Workshop, Sketchwalk

Much has been happening past month, visitors, friends, dinners – it’s been very happy but now the family is spent. I am logging onto my website this am when chores’... Read More


So I went to Chicago. And got blown away. Architecture, cultural diversity, diversity in cuisine, beautiful river, public art installations, theatre district, railways, public transport, Lurie garden, high rises, low... Read More