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Sketches are mostly for study purposes and will include pencil, ink and fast in-situ watercolor work.

HOW, WHEN, WHERE Quick Studies

HOW WHEN WHERE At my last workshop, I had the notes that showed HOW, WHEN and WHERE to do quick sketching if you are juggling a career and family like... Read More

Succumbing to iPad

After much back and forth for about 3-4 years, I bit the bullet. It was an opportune time – I was single parenting, office work was stressful, household chores &... Read More

Make me these pots!

With a traveling partner, I’ve been constrained to calling trees my models. Trees across parking lots at work or shelves of succulents at home. It’s good that this eucalyptus tree... Read More

Weekend warriors: Workshop in May!

Urban Wilderness: How to do a quick capture Have you always wanted to draw the way you did when you were growing up but don’t have time now? Let’s learn... Read More

Don’t boo, VOTE!

Where is the dialog? Where is the education system? Where are the courses on manners, civic sense and ability to discern facts from opinions? I am against Trump. I am... Read More


Is there a reason that all of a sudden one tries to practice in a new medium when they have not practiced their usual medium of choice in a while?... Read More

Celebrating Steve’s 40th

Yvonne, Steve and I painted at Lake Merritt in Oakland to celebrate Steve’s 40th birthday and it was a blast. The weather was picture perfect, I had never been to... Read More

Date night – the date night

If you have had kids or dependents and have long been envious of help your friends get so that you and your date can have a night to yourself, you... Read More

My lovely ash tree

Our ash isn’t doing well given the three years of drought. The water table has fallen too low for even the long roots to find water. We’ve been advised to water... Read More

Charcoal studies

More than studies, it was charcoal binging. Kids were out for a week which meant an unwritten yes to make the living room with yellow fabric chair open to a... Read More