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Sketches are mostly for study purposes and will include pencil, ink and fast in-situ watercolor work.

Looking up

Sometimes a time comes when the choices before you aren’t trivial. There are no experiences your own or borrowed to affirm your choices. But then a song comes along and... Read More

Purple Rain

This musician is making me rethink my own prejudices. It’s a work in progress – the change of mind that is.... Read More


Tabby visited us while I focused on taxes. Yeah right. Focus.  This exercise was a success because all edges work well – soft/hard and cool/warm... Read More

No hate

These are the sketches from downtown San Jose where I led the Santa Clara valley watercolor society’s weekend paintout. The first ever comic con to be held in the valley... Read More

Winter stock

The kitchen remodel lent itself to sketching of a construction site. Aji was visiting, so our many local trips also gave me a chance to sketch in pockets of time.... Read More

Tahoe as a tourist

The trip and around Lake Tahoe was gorgeous. Couldn’t have asked for a better weather – just enough cold, just enough snow showers so that my mother-in-law could experience a... Read More

Line Drawings

The month of Oct, Nov and Dec have not been conducive to painting. However, I’ve had friends and family who have let me sketch at any place that whim has struck.  The... Read More

Rise of the vacuous

I read the following recently which resonated with me- Carl Jung: “Since it is universally believed that man “is” what his consciousness knows of itself, he regards himself as harmless... Read More

Prep for ZB via ZB

In a week, I paint with the one and only, the master of painting, Mr. J.Z (Jay-Z?). Warming up my hand.. Ink sketch at museum, colored some there with Pitt... Read More

Study book #5,6,7 are cataloged

It’s with immense pleasure that I look upon all my study books when I catalog new ones. I find it very amusing that I feel no shame in indulging in... Read More