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Sketches are mostly for study purposes and will include pencil, ink and fast in-situ watercolor work.

Going mad at an arcade

Summer camps have not begun, so I innocently planned a trip to the local game arcade for my son and his friend. I don’t understand how anyone can enjoy this... Read More

War on painting!

When you go through periods of no practice, the artist starts to cower in front of her media. Well, we aren’t that kind of artist only, we are the ones... Read More

Contour sketching

I am prepping for a week the master – Mr. Charles Reid therefore contour drawings are in full swing. Visited the Palo Alto art center and dropped into their group... Read More

Visit to Pacific Northwest

  What a beautiful country this is! Even though we were early to visit the Olympic National Park – temperature wise – we thoroughly enjoyed its beauty. Fresh air, icy waters,... Read More

Celebration of JKPP ended

All good things must end and so did the wonderful weekend meeting portrait artists who we have come to know online but never met in person until March 28-29 in... Read More

Going Digital

Finally, with the ills of a new phone with its speed and space came apps that made me edit my drawings on phone. So far, I am loving it and... Read More

Celebration for JKPP begins

Julia Kay’s Portrait(online) Party began 5 years ago with 1 person – Julia Kay, as she shared photos of herself with friends so that they could have a reference photograph... Read More


I had a record number of portrait sketches/paintings this year. I am not cataloging all of them here, but some that were notable because of difference in style.  ... Read More

Costa Rica

What a beautiful country Costa Rica is! We visited only 2 towns, Tamarindo on the coast and La Fortuna in the mid-NW. So, while I cannot speak for the entire... Read More