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Regular Subscription


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You are buying a subscription package where 2 exclusive half sheet watercolor paintings will be shipped to you over time in 2020. Each watercolor painting will be a landscape painting, made on best watercolor paper and top professional watercolor pigments. Paintings will come in a plastic sleeve and will be sent in a 4″ wide diameter tube individually.

The paintings shown in this listing are *not* the ones you will receive. These are to show what quality of paintings you will receive next year. One cannot photograph paintings that have been not made yet.

As the paintings are done in different months, seasonal inspirations will be captured.

Only 1 left in stock

Size of each painting

22" x 15" OR 15" x 22"

Paintings will be made in

Painting 1: February 2020
Painting 2: October 2020

Paintings will be delivered in

Painting 1: March 2020
Painting 2: November 2020

Will you get to choose the art work?

Uma will choose artwork. It's akin to any
other subscription service. You should buy
a subscription if you trust the artist.

What style will all the paintings be in?

Most will be done 'wet in wet', many will be
direct watercolors and will be done either in
California or on Uma’s travels. Uma will travel
to Asia and Wisconsin(US) in 2020. Because the
paintings are done in different months,
seasonal inspirations will be captured.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds unless artist is unable to
create art because of unforeseen
circumstances like natural calamities. If you
don't receive your final painting before Dec 10,
2020, you will receive full/prorated refund
depending on how many paintings have been
delivered to you.


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