Studio Kelkar Art is permission to play. Art is permission to experiment. Engineering is permission to catalog all failures as research. Engineering is permission to dissect process & hone methods. Both are elegant. If you enjoy mathematics and painting, you are in friendly company here.
New travels = new prints Growing opportunities to travel and teach internationally has meant a lot of demonstration pieces as well as practice pieces. These are available to patrons - in time for Holiday Season. SKETCHES PRINTS Modern impressionism SHOP PAINTINGS Looking for Uma to capture your garden? EMAIL UMA

Artist Communities

In our busy lives, time to meet other artists in-person is scarce. However, supportive communities exist and they have a large online presence too, allowing all of us to engage at our convenience.

Urban Sketchers
Global Organization + Local chapters
90,000+ artists
220+ local chapters world wide
supportive set of artists
Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society
Oldest watercolor society of the SF Bay Area
Weekend plein air group once in a month.
Thursday plein air group twice a month.
SCVWS conducts workshops and outreach programs.

Latest Blog Posts

Hop over to read about behind the scenes and gather tips about gear, competitions and routine challenges for artists with young children.

Educational Resources

Palette June 2021

I also make sure that the mixing wells have some sort of warm/cool separation just...
June 29, 2021

18 no’s, 1 yes

My first no was in 2010 – from California Watercolor Association’s (CWA) International show. Like...
June 7, 2021

The (story of) Colossal Bear

The Rotary Club of Los Altos launched a 2-in-1 community public art event and fundraiser...
May 13, 2021