This is my philosophy of any endeavor – and it has worked for me in my engineering and art practice.

Enabling a successful practice

Bounds are not shackles but safe spaces to pursue a practice. Your predictability allows others to support you too.
Understanding support. The above example uses the term ‘medium’ as a stand in for related but distinctive fields of study.
Bottom is not the only way to the top. Sideways movements are courageous, insight giving and build resilience in a system.
Community enriches and enables efficient self growth (see why in VIDEO below). One has to be sure to check jealousy at the door though – because that can sabotage our goals.


The Art of (Re)Start 3.0

The Art of (Re)Start 3.0 a video detailing how any journey is not a linear trajectory but a series of pivots. Consistent practice of anything is hard initially, but after that it’s a habit.

How communities help in self-growth

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