TICKETS: Elegance in Watercolors, San Jose

TICKETS: Elegance in Watercolors, San Jose

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Elegance in Watercolors:

This is an investment workshop – we will invest in our art and get the best return on investment by employing just enough shapes, colors and strokes. This is Uma’s definition of elegance and we will study how to use just enough design elements to make watercolors sing. Exercises during each day will build up towards a final in-studio painting. We will focus on the technical skills at the beginning followed by discussion of elements of design and Uma’s philosophy of painting. We will also do a few verbal exercises and exercises that help us ‘look’ or develop the artist’s eye. If you’ve always wanted to overcome the fear of wet in wet painting, rest assured that at end of the workshop, you will feel more confident about approaching it independently. The workshop promises to be full of rigorous exercises and exhaustive mental challenges which will leave you spent but stronger – like a weight training class should leave you! The group dynamic is a wonderful opportunity to experience different perspectives within wet-in-wet style of painting. There will be 1-1 discussions at least twice a day and a critique at end of day two.

Come with an attitude to challenge yourself and to practice hard. Please bring 2 reference photographs of paintings you’d like to do on day 2 of the workshop. We will choose 1 reference photo from each of the participants and we will take the painting from study to a finished quarter sheet painting by the end of the workshop.

Sat and Sun, Oct 26 and 27, 2019
9AM-4PM with time for lunch in between.
Fees include morning coffee and breakfast on both days.
Breakfast of day 1 = yogurt granola fruit parfait
Breakfast of day 2 = rolled up pancake – vegetarian and turkey option



Saturday and Sunday will be in-studio day at –
Citadel Art Studios, 199 Martha Street, San Jose, CA

If you sign up, it is assumed you’ve read the FAQ below, so please do read!

Out of stock

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Is there a minimum age requirement to enter the event?

18 years or older

Is this a plein air workshop?

This two day workshop will be split into an in-class day on day 1 followed by plein air painting on day 2.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Street parking available on both days.

What can I bring to the workshop?

Supply list will be emailed to you upon booking your ticket & if there are changes, it will be sent again two weeks prior to the workshop.

How big is the class?

We will be 10(min)-15(max) of us.

What’s the refund policy?

Refunds will be issued if minimum number of participants is not met by Oct 16, 2019. No refunds after that unless instructor cancels the class.

Is previous watercolor experience required?

Yes, previous watercolor experience is needed.

Is this a watercolor workshop?

Yes, but it won’t teach you basics of watercolors. We will discuss how to make the images emote the emotions an artist wants to capture through exercises. You can do that with watercolor plus are welcome to bring your watercolors & media of your choice. The focus will not be how to gain a motor skill but will be about using existing technical skills to enhance the quality of our work. In effect, we will learn mental skills.

When there are 3 hour workshops, why do a 2-day workshop?

USK symposium workshops are 3 hour long workshops held outdoors. This is a more intense workshop where we will start with exercises in studio before we step out the next day.

  • An extended workshop works at a slower pace – but allows to cement the basics it needs to cover for a strong outdoor painting session on day 2.
  • Longer time duration also allows for more material to be explored.
  • An indoor to outdoor class transition has been shown to boost confidence of the students and that increases the happiness quotient of class participants as well as the instructor.

Will the prices keep on increasing year on year?

At the beginning of my workshop journey, I took about 50% pay cut in exchange for opportunity to reach more people and to prove to myself that I can teach. Additionally, the syllabus has grown from a 3 hour syllabus to a 4 days worth workshop material. With time limits, studio rents and class size stabilized, the price jumps are expected to  stabilize from here on.

2 reviews for TICKETS: Elegance in Watercolors, San Jose

  1. 5 out of 5

    An intensive workshop that focuses on various concepts regarding image abstraction, value study, edge quality, variations and composition on day 1 with the help of multiple small exercises. Day 2 helps you to apply these concepts in a painting of your interest along with personal coaching and problem solving on the fly.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Elegance In Watercolors was an amazing class! Uma has a clear way of thinking about landscapes and she explains and demonstrates her techniques so the ideas are easy to understand. Uma breaks down the process so each step can be practiced. Uma’s technique and class was really challenging for me, but I learned so much and can keep practicing these skills for years to come!

    Patricia Robinson
    Patricia Robinson
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