Plein Air Minimum Setup

This is the setup I can recommend for plein air.


A plein air palette has to satisfy the following requirements –
+ can be closed/covered after painting
+ gives you enough mixing space
+ is sturdy enough and does not crack open on few falls


A low stool helps me so I can keep water and pigments on the floor if I want to sit down to paint with the paper on my knees.


Frankly, 2 brushes can do the job. A mop is useful because it can give you large shapes and make small marks with it’s point. The second brush would be a rigger or round #2.


A book needs to satisfy the following requirements-
+ must be sturdy
+ has strong backing so don’t need another support
+ can open up flat so I can paint twice as large plein air
+ paper with thickness over 90lbs+

Cup to hold water

Summer or winter hat or both.

Rag cloth/kitchen towel

2B pencil