We come up with obvious observations and the truth in them is depressing. Here’s how I look at Law of Diminishing Returns. Some of the slides were part of a presentation I make for my masterclass students. These are lessons for myself as I nurse the dream of my own startup dreams. Thus the instructor – student hierarchy also starts and ends with me in this article.

Graphing doesn’t seek to equalize effort between person A/B nor does it want to ignore inherent skills. Wherever the starting point may be, the law of diminishing exists.
Explanation of points on axes
A simple model in a simple world
I wondered to myself, if the road is rough ahead, why even bother – especially since there are no guarantees?
Just looking at it can be tiring
Not a satisfactory rate!
Looking for a silver lining?
Slide from Masterclass students’ handout.
Take away 1: Break it down
Take away 2: Make the ultimate goal challenging. Let it be wild.