11″ x 15″ original watercolors made with professional materials, on 140 lb cold pressed, rough paper.

  • All paintings are $150 + shipping
  • Will ship anywhere. Shipping within US: $10, Shipping outside US: $25
  • Email me (click) with name of the painting + address or DM me (@umapaints (click) on Instagram)
  • No returns.
  • Statistics:
    • I have lost 1 painting in the 30 packages of international shipping.
    • I have lost 0 while mailing within US

Horizontal Format

Vertical Format

No dealing with USPS for international shipment after parcel is shipped (at this price point). I will provide shipping receipt and tracking number. Contacting USPS customer service for any reason after the package has left my hands is at least 8-16 hours of total work per complaint I have launched and is not worth the price point of the painting. I am sharing the risk here – I risk not selling paintings while you risk not receiving the paintings.

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