2022 is the fifth year of Direct Watercolor Challenge – a challenge that Marc Taro Holmes ideated and both he and I have conducted+participated in. Marc and I will co-host the #directwatercolor2022 on Facebook. Like every year, the idea is for all of us who partake in the challenge to do 30 direct watercolors in 30 days of June i.e. watercolor paintings without underlying drawing. Each of us has a different goal for venturing on this journey – for me, it is about

  • study diminishing light repeatedly over 30 days
  • In addition to painting, I also have a research project, that I invite you to participate in.

💢 Everyday, along with a daily painting, there will be a poll presented. 30×30 Building The Art Habit: One Daily Question, Uma will ask a question that explores the art habit with you. Uma is trying to build tools for artists and would benefit from your opinions. Each question should take 10 seconds on average and longer if you would like to comment. She will sprinkle a few relevant statistics she has come across in her research throughout the month. 💢

We do not monitor the group outside of June 1 – June 30 timeline. The effort while enjoyable, is sustainable for a month only. Marc and I make all final admin decisions. There are no second chances for hatred & rudeness. Mature verbal confrontation is welcome and heard. Putting down someone gets one auto-boot with no way back in.