I get asked about my palette very often. Here are the details along with cheaper, lighter options.

  1. Brass palette, heavy, expensive, one time purchase, street cred
    Google-> Craig Young, Little Brass box. Then google Roberson palette and never exit the dark web of palettes.
  2. Plastic palette, cheap, lighter, less celebrity in ownership
    Plastic version from Jackson Art Supplies in London. LINK 

  3. Brush sizing: Uma loves Da Vinci Casaneo mops, also called their series 498. Size 2 in mops is close to size 10 or size 12 of rounds. Standardization of brush sizes is the next frontier for science.
  4. 📚 My blog post on why I love the mopsLINK
  5. 📹 My video review of the Da Vinci brushesLINK
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