These are products that I use and some I carry in my painting bag. They are not part of material list so they never get published in that space. I’ve found they have helped me over time. I do not have any affiliation with any of the products/companies and I do not get a cut from their business with you.



  • Broke a brush handle?
  • Need to soften a sharp edge of a tool? (My steel kitchen tongs that made marks on my white counter with it's sharp non-cooking end got it's edge taken off with a bit of sugru on it)
  • Flexible rip cover over shoes.
  • Using Sugru and magnets, I've made myself a palette grip. That way the magnet doesn't scratch my palette.

Flexible patches

  • Ripstop repair kit for hiking bag, jackets.
  • Clubbed with velcro, they are my foldable clasps that keep my drawing board folded over with paintings inside. Makes it easier to transport paintings and blank paper.

Pain Relief Patches

  • Again, very flat and easy to carry, comes in its own bag. Once I've loaded my bag for painting, it's always there to use when standing and painting gives me backache and sitting down doesn't give enough relief. I've used it only once, but the relief was just what I needed.


Few Patches
  • Brushes running away while painting? Velcro em.
  • I have velcroed most of my gear. So, I no longer have to carry this with me though I have reams at my studio.


  • I am in love with this biodegradable product. I carry 5 towels in the plastic case they send. The plastic case is about 1 inch tall cylinder. Each of the towels open up to a handle towel when you dampen them. When your painting wipe is drenched, voila, a new one. Used it in Netherlands in summer of 2019 to wet and make a wet neck towel to survive the blistering heat.

Paper Soap

  • For my OCD.
  • Plus, I love food.

Arm Sleeve

  • My painting hand needs more warmth sometimes. My non-painting hand can go in my jacket pocket and stay close to my body to stay warm. The painting hand has to move out but doesn't want a thick sleeve edge coming onto my wrist - it gets pigment stains on it. The UV protection sleeve helps. My son is a bowler in a cricket team and bowlers often keep their throwing arm warm this way.

Form Card

  • Another amazing product - remoldable, low temp. thermoplastic - very reusable and reconfigurable (which Sugru isn't). I have made custom hooks for water containers that fit my palette with my finger size. Brush holder tabs. Fits in the wallet, same size as a credit card.

Tiny Flashlight

  • Self Explanatory

Keychain Tool

  • Goes with my pencil flashlight


  • By my research as of Nov 1, 2021, this was best bang for buck

Articulating Arm

  • Make sure this is what you want. The manufacturing is great. Price good. But you will need a support to clamp this on.