These testimonials are from students in my online class.
S. N. Ward from San Jose, USA says,
You are amazing at not just developing your own skill but also thinking about it and expressing it in a way that makes sense. Blew my mind!! Thank you.
C. Vincent from Sydney, Australia says,
  I’m really pleased. Smaller class size is really beneficial. I have attended much larger classes without the attention to getting the techniques correct – which I think is fundamental – you are very patient with us. Much appreciated!
  I think setting us homework is key because so much of the skills like you say come from us practicing until it becomes reflex- understanding is one thing – doing without having to think about it is much harder.
  I’ll do whatever of your classes I’m allowed Uma – the interaction, your explanations and your overall approach are the right combination to keep me motivated. I’ve really enjoyed and felt a shift in learning.

K. Schoch from Germany says,

Thank you for the class. There was a lot of great advice. Need to sit down and practice to get it into my system now. I have heard about the importance of thumbnails and done exercises with different instructors but the part where we talked about all of the reference photos explained it really well. And also your clear instructions about the connection of shapes and the amount of shapes to use. That really helped. I actually feel motivated to do thumbnail studies now. That hasn’t happened before.
P. Loureiro from Portugal says,
It was awesome! you gave me a lot to think about. you follow a path that i would like to follow, but can’t seem to get it started. this workshop was what i needed perhaps – i’m talking about having a mental process for composition (which i don’t have). I usually go with a few basic thumb rules and trial and error. your path seems more error-free. I’m alright with this on sketching, but when it comes to watercolor, i’m still too tied up to making it look like the photo. that’s what changed for me on Monday.
M. H. B. Delhaye from Dublin, Irelands says,
Thank you so much for the workshop yesterday. I’ve been practicing today! (I’m a good student!!). I feel I learned a lot despite being cut off twice – there was a countrywide outage with our service provider. In a way, the stress of being cut off gave me extra energy! If you’re planning to run any more workshops for European times, count me in, whether it’s a one-off or a six-week time-frame. I feel I need something like this to re-energise me! I’ve got so much to learn! Thank you.