From F. van Rhijn-Brouwer, Netherlands

A full workshop report is here(link).
Very nice and in depth look at how to approach a wet in wet painting. Great personal feedback .I left with the feeling wow I know where to start improving myself (in a good way, some workshop just teach one skill and then there’s that. You showed that this is indeed just one step in a journey and you showed the way forward). It was awesome that you spent so much time on the thumbnails, usually it is an afterthought and this was really helpful.

B. Armstrong, Santa Rosa, California

Uma is very thoughtful in her development of the class content: demos, exercises and theory and has adapted well to the online format. She finds a good balance with it all and I left with many things to practice. She has a great ability to give constructive feedback to each class member and to make it meaningful to all of us.

K. Estey, San Francisco, California:

Thanks so much for an illuminating class. The technique of “Juicy” watercolor was new to me and learnt so much from your clear and incisive instruction.  Also it was interesting and instructive to see the work of the class members and watch your suggested changes take place. I thought the technology worked well.

J. Rosenbaum, Washington DC:

“Juicy Watercolors” was my first Zoom workshop, and it was a great experience! I liked how Uma chose a few concepts to concentrate on, which built upon each other, and that we were given enough time to practice and understand the concept. Uma  demonstrated a method of analyzing a landscape which will help me feel more confident in the future that I can tackle complicated scenes. I’m looking forward to taking more workshops with Uma!

D. Chien, Boston:

Uma was such a thoughtful, practical, and caring educator. From the getting-to-know-us survey she sent before the class to every minute of the agenda, I could tell that she had thoroughly planned the class to target concrete skill-building and help us move forward in our goals. Her commentary and explanations during the class were so rich that I feel like I’m going to be digesting them for months! I love that the exercises and discussions addressed both fundamental skills and practical working considerations, especially challenges for plein-air painters – down to details like managing reserves of clean water for painting. I’m grateful for the support and inspiration that I received through Uma’s class

P. Wilson, Los Angeles, California:

The workshop was fabulous! I’ve just read through my many notes – there was so MUCH in the class!