From S. Cameron, Canada [Class of Compose 2021]

Compose has been a life changing experience for me. The class has taught me how to “see”, edit , and gave me a solid foundation/ direction for my  art making.

Uma is a generous and knowledgeable master. Her super power is diagnosis of technical issues and assigning exercises to improve. Uma supports the needs of the individual and the group. There was thoughtful constructive feedback  given throughout the class. Uma has created a comprehensive and organized curriculum.  It challenges and pushes you towards a place of growth.

I feel I gained an artist community while taking this class. I am so grateful for the participant’s generosity and encouragement as we moved through the lessons. We were pushed on by each other’s work, questions and learning. This camaraderie could only happen because  Uma created a safe and warm classroom  environment.

I will never look at art the same after this class.  I felt genuine sadness when it ended. You won’t regret taking this class.

Thank you Uma and Compose2021 classmates . It has been a privilege to be a part of your journey.

From L. Knight, Rhode Island [Class of Compose 2021]

I recently completed Uma’s COMPOSE Master Class on watercolor online. The experience took me on a journey outside of my comfort zone and into a rich world of new challenges. I am a Urban Sketcher and almost always lean on a pen/linework for my art. I have been working with watercolor for a few years and wanted to push that side of my art. This class totally achieved that goal. Having a foundation of watercolor skills was extremely helpful for this class. This is not a beginner class, it is a class to push your existing skills to new places, to take you outside of your comfort zone, to grow. 
Uma is a brilliant artist, a master of strokes, light and expressing emotion with color. She is also a fabulous teacher! During the weekly classes we learned and practiced value studies, composition and brush stokes, each class building on the next. This foundation of practice delivered us to the final weekend workshop where we did paintings much larger than we ever could have imagined. Uma’s uplifting attitude and ability to describe and demonstrate her lessons made each class extremely valuable. Her feedback was supportive, constructive and always helpful. She understands what it takes to grow as an artist and would gently push us to go further. She has the perfect combination of positive encouragement and direct feedbackI found her class to be one of the best I’ve ever taken.
All of the students were supportive and insightful and most participated in the Facebook page she created for us. We found joy in seeing each other have success because Uma set the tone. We too found ways to give valuable feedback.  I left the class with new tools in my toolbox, a community of fellow artists, but most important,  I have new ways of seeing and challenging myself. On the technical side, Uma was extremely organized, the information was clear and the idea of two cameras to see each other’s work really enriched the online experience. I highly recommend figuring that out before the class begins.

From M. H. Borhan-Delhaye, Dublin, Ireland [Class of Compose 2021]

If you’re thinking of taking part in one of Uma Kelkar’s workshops, stop thinking, do it! You will not regret it. Uma gives 100%. And she expects 100%. I took part in the Compose 2021 Masterclass and I learned all the things I thought I knew, but, with Uma, I learned them in my hand holding the brush, not just in my head! It was challenging, yes, but so rewarding. I didn’t learn how to paint a pretty painting. I learned to think like an artist, and to think of myself as an artist.