TICKETS: Workshop: Blurred Lines, Sept 2017

TICKETS: Workshop: Blurred Lines, Sept 2017

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The September workshop sold out the day it went online on Facebook. Therefore, an October workshop with the same material, format and venue has been scheduled. This will be the last Blurred Lines workshop this year.

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Join me and an intimate group as we build our skills in edge variety and work towards a plein air painting in this intense 2-day workshop. The workshop aims to build confidence in using a brush as an efficient drawing tool while teaching how variety of lost and found edges inserts interest in a painting.

Arch Art and Drafting Supplies store lends it’s light filled studio for our in-studio exercises. They will also have the art materials I use in stock other than the extensive collection of pigments, inks and art materials they always carry for purchase. Day two will use the lessons of day 1 and homework in a larger plein air painting.

Friday, September 22, 4PM-7PM + homework
Saturday, September 23, 12PM-4PM

If you sign up, it is assumed you’ve read the FAQ below, so please do read!

Out of stock


The workshop sold out the day it went online on Facebook. Therefore, an October workshop with the same material, format and venue has been scheduled.

Reserve your October spot here!

We all want the point of interest in our paintings to have a contrast – a value contrast, a color contrast and now, how about edge contrast? Let the areas outside of center of interest become shapes that melt into each other while having a mix of sharp and soft edges only within the circle of interest. When you don’t have to worry about colors mixing in large portions of your sketch, you can draw directly with a brush making for a speedy capture. I will teach the different types of edges, their typical use and practice with the attendees. Though proficiency with edges is not a pre-requisite, familiarity with watercolor is a must.


Is there a minimum age requirement to enter the event?

18 years or older

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Limited parking within Arch Supply premises available. Street parking is available.

What can I bring into the event?

Supply list will be emailed to you upon booking your ticket.

What’s the refund policy?

No refunds except if venue and date changes.

Is previous watercolor experience required?

Yes, previous watercolor experience is needed.

Is this a repeat of the workshop held in Chicago for the Urban Sketchers’ Symposium?

USK symposium workshops are 3 hour long workshops held outdoors. This is a more intense workshop where we will start with exercises in studio before we step out the next day. There will be homework given between two days and working on it will enable greater success with the workshop. The aim of the workshop will be to push our boundaries, therefore, expect to be uncomfortable.

How big is the class?

We will be ~12 of us.

Why these timings?

Bay area lifestyle means that we want to have our day in office but not give up our entire weekends to hobbies. So, Friday evening and Saturday afternoon made most sense. See you there!

Seriously, there is homework?

Yup. Nothing substitutes self practice done in solitude, therefore homework. I will bring my A game to the workshop and I expect the attendees to put in their best effort too.


2 reviews for TICKETS: Workshop: Blurred Lines, Sept 2017

  1. 5 out of 5

    It’s always a pleasure to take a class from Uma. She’s organized, breaks big problems down to digestible pieces, starts and ends promptly and I always take home a big new concept. This class was all these things, but it was not easy. The first day I felt I totally got it and was able to do the assignment. The second day was another story. The scene was complicated, maybe too complicated, and I found myself focusing on doing an accurate drawing rather than working on the concept of blurred and hard lines. I just totally missed the point. I realize this was my problem, but if others felt this way I have a few suggestions.
    !. Make the outside subject easier. The other side of the canal is easier in that there’s just sterns of boats (basic rectangular shapes) and water, no walkway, no railings, no fronts. There’s also larger trees and reflections which makes for a better transition from day one.
    2. I would have benefitted by seeing a SIMPLE/short demo outside as the first thing, to hammer in the concept.
    3. It may have helped me if I wrote down my intent–what’s the main subject of the painting and what I planned to blur and what to focus.

    But overall I have no complaints just a few suggestion to improve a workshop that is already quite good. Uma is very supportive and finds something good to say about everyone’s work. Her work is also excellent and that alone is a reason to take the class. I enjoy hearing how she thinks. She thinks and plans most of her moves before beginning (just like an engineer). I also enjoying hearing the struggle, it makes her human. Great workshop, I would benefit by taking it again.

    Susan Wilson
    Susan Wilson
  2. This is the second workshop I’ve taken from Uma. The first one was in Chicago at the Urban Sketchers Symposium and was for 3 hours, so I was excited to learn she was offering a workshop over two days for a total of 7 hours. Uma is very organized and makes every moment count. She clearly explains and demonstrates specific techniques and then has participants practice them. She is generous with her comments and encourages each person’s style. I respect this approach. I enjoyed the first day and woke up early the next day to do the homework. Uma’s approach of a focal point and blurred lines heightened my senses and ordinary scenery driving to and from the workshop had me composing how I would render a scene. The second day of the workshop was hard for me. In addition to wanting to incorporate a focus, blurred and straight lines I added trying out working on an easel and larger brushes. On top of that I forgot a key element of using darks. But just as I did after the workshop in Chicago I am working at using the approach Uma taught. I recommend Uma’s workshop to any water color painters.

    Marcia Pugsley
    Marcia Pugsley
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