What happened? I am complaining about June happening so fast on August 2, 2018. This is the fastest year ever and despite that speed, it has been a most giving year too.

Marc and I getting ready for our afternoon workshops.

I’ve been very privileged – to be able to take workshops for myself and to be able to teach through the summer as well. As soon as June started, I did a dry run of my Gray Matters workshop in Chicago as part of the Chicago Sketch seminar – a mini symposium they annually hold for local Chicago and Illinois residents. This was the first year that 3 out of state artists were invited. Marc Taro Holmes, Mike Daikabura and I were honored that we were chosen. 168 participants made for a cozy symposium. It was smoothly run, everyone knew everyone, it felt like a large family therefore and everyone gave off positive vibes that increased productivity and happiness in all those involved. Rick and Mary Russo were especially pivotal in getting accommodation for the out of town instructors as well as for transportation. Without them, I would’ve wasted a lot of time on the road being grumpy.

Workshop: Gray Matters, in progress!

From Chicago, it was back to Apple for doing a Live Art session, where we used digital media to simplify Landscapes Quickly. I know, I promised to upload the presentation I made, will do so when my travel ends, promise!

Rest of the month was spent in getting ready for the big Kahuna – the international symposium in Porto, Portugal! Yikes, I am making the post after the symposium, so I have so much to tell – it’s almost overwhelming. It was great – it was too big and too fun at once! How can I present this conundrum to you? It was many many amazing artists at once present, all around you, doing their thing without the least bit of show off or up a ship.

After I get back home, I will post my Apple LiveArt presentation as well as make a post about the Symposium.