This is the inaugural Urban Sketching Master Class. The week will provide a full immersion workshop experience, on the finest Island campus-known for its extraordinary light and color, with unlimited sketching locations. Each day, you will learn sketching techniques with one of the country’s four top urban sketching instructors. You will work with them from breakfast into late afternoon. In the evenings there will be critiques, demos and open discussions over gourmet dinners and wine.
Participants will learn:
● James Richards’ on-location sketching goes beyond technical accuracy to capture the
essential character life and energy of a special place.
● Paul Heaston captures one’s point of view in a sketch by learning a little bit about
perspective, a little about composition and a little about how to confidently record the
information around you without being overwhelmed.
● Shari Blaukopf provides fresh ideas and approaches for using vibrant and luminous combinations
of colors, and explores two and three-color limited palettes.
● Uma Kelkar captures the essence of a place without overzealous accuracy in drawing – minimalism in strokes, shapes and colors.

The final day is a “Jumbo Throw Down”. Students will display and share their work over the week together in the MISA Milkhouse gallery.

Click HERE to learn more about each Instructor’s one-day workshop. Please call MISA if you need further information. 715.747.2054