Some years, my goals repeat. I often repeat them because I have not figured out how to execute them. Follow-through is not hard for my personality type if a step-by-step execution plan is before me. The execution plan is not published to the world. This year, I placed my goals on a timeline. I did this so that I could stop something if I wasn’t making progress. There is value in being at the lowest point of your painting trajectory because innovation comes from a place of need, ambition, nothing to lose-ness of it. But I’ve also entered a few years where it is becoming a priority to safeguard my ego – if it gets caught up in negative feedback, I fear it won’t propel me to take chances.⁠

And to do so, I put a timeline for individual goals. For example, if goal 2 doesn’t get accomplished in the prescribed time, I move on to goal 3. It may happen that goal 3 ends up leading to goal 2 being achieved in the end. Failed goals will be reassessed at the end of the year, giving me enough time and leeway not to ponder over them.⁠

Goals are:⁠

1. Learn a new set of brushstrokes- Jan + Oct 2022⁠
2. Fine-tune the theory of light for Nocturnes (night paintings)-Mar + Aug 2022⁠
3. Compose two paintings entirely from my feelings- April + May 2022⁠

What are your goals for 2022?