Much has been happening past month, visitors, friends, dinners – it’s been very happy but now the family is spent. I am logging onto my website this am when chores’ list is unattended, kids are wrestling in the living room and my stomach is growling for a non-homemade breakfast. Sausage and ciabatta, good coffee, a sketchbook with kids sketching too would be a nice way to start this day. Sigh.

I’ve been away from portraits for 2.5 years now. It’s been a good break, it’s good because it makes me want to go back to them. This week’s attempt began here –

Kirk Maxon – sf artist, watercolor by Uma Kelkar

Virginia’s book on 5 minute landscape went on sale yesterday, get one. Really, this is not a dumb plug for a friend’s book. I’ve read a copy and I have been carrying it around because I am excited about reading it slowly and enjoying its nuggets of examples. Yes, I am a contributor in the book, but will not make money from it, in case the clarification is required before ordering. Amazon link to buy.

One of my favorite pages in the book!

First batch of Blurred Lines – Extended workshop is in the feature image above. They were a set of hardworking and talented artists. I got to learn a thing or two about workshops and painting and how people are really tied to the successes in them. I am not dependent on every painting but yes, an eventual success is required to keep the positive feedback of painting, giving, receiving go on.


At the end of the workshop in September, Laurie exposed me to this park called Lafayette Park which I’ve driven by without a thought before. Smack in the middle of SF, with 360′ views from the top, this is really a gem of a place for views, painting and access! I came this close to giving up on parking and driving away until I found that last spot saved away in a most convenient location. Luck!

View from Lafayette Park, the golden sunlight in SF!