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Collection of all paintings ones for myself, ones for study and ones for sale!

Review: Framebridge

I chose to frame with Framebridge after seeing their ads on Instagram. This I did in October, where I chose frames for the artwork and paid for the framing in...... Read More


CHOKING – When painting becomes a spectator sport Painting is traditionally a private task where most of the background work for a particular piece happens inside the artist’s brain or...... Read More

June already?!

What happened? I am complaining about June happening so fast on August 2, 2018. This is the fastest year ever and despite that speed, it has been a most giving...... Read More


What is #30x30DirectWatercolor2018? PAINT 30 watercolors in 30 days, from June 1-30 2018. POST your paintings in our new Facebook group. We’d like to centralize the discussion around this group, to spare our...... Read More

Studio work – Feb’18

Don’t have a step by step of this half sheet painting. It was done in 2 washes, separated by a week and all that entails in a week of life.... Read More

Santa Cruz

  Are we not talking global warming anymore? Early February in California used to be the time I used to swear at winter (I get the entitlement this statement oozes...... Read More

Portrait, Book, Workshop, Sketchwalk

Much has been happening past month, visitors, friends, dinners – it’s been very happy but now the family is spent. I am logging onto my website this am when chores’...... Read More


So I went to Chicago. And got blown away. Architecture, cultural diversity, diversity in cuisine, beautiful river, public art installations, theatre district, railways, public transport, Lurie garden, high rises, low...... Read More


It doesn’t matter whether we believe in climate change or if we agree on who we find responsible for it. What are we going to do about it? It takes...... Read More

Spring is here!

It was perfect light, perfect collection of flowers. I took a day off to reconstitute myself. My own workshops ended May 13, I attended one on May 20, projects ended soon...... Read More