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Collection of all paintings ones for myself, ones for study and ones for sale!


Is there a reason that all of a sudden one tries to practice in a new medium when they have not practiced their usual medium of choice in a while?... Read More

Celebrating Steve’s 40th

Yvonne, Steve and I painted at Lake Merritt in Oakland to celebrate Steve’s 40th birthday and it was a blast. The weather was picture perfect, I had never been to... Read More

Looking up

Sometimes a time comes when the choices before you aren’t trivial. There are no experiences your own or borrowed to affirm your choices. But then a song comes along and... Read More

Finding a voice

This is my voice. Muted and basic colors. No strokes with heavy intent. This is how it’s going to be. Strong and simple. ... Read More

No hate

These are the sketches from downtown San Jose where I led the Santa Clara valley watercolor society’s weekend paintout. The first ever comic con to be held in the valley... Read More

Love is in the air!

It’s a comeback! Painting in my contractor free house which is warm and clean first time since October 2015. Mighty happy to be painting half sheet with real colors and... Read More

Plein Air Painting at Stanford

Once every year, mostly in winter, we hit the ‘quad’ to do the majestic Memorial Church or MemChu, the distinctive California palms or the Rodin sculptures. The quad is chosen so... Read More

Youtube Video Post

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Jiffy, because this painting came about by a sudden urge to just get this painting done. I was strong and decisive and I was going to enjoy the painting. So I... Read More