My first no was in 2010 – from California Watercolor Association’s (CWA) International show. Like a first breakup, the first no was a gut punch. It took my 3 years (2014) before I could enter any other competition and 7 years (2017) before I could muster the emotional strength to enter a CWA juried exhibit again. So what’s the point of the post really?

There are some society’s where you just don’t seem to make a mark. I didn’t with National Watercolor Society (NWS). For all the attempts I made since 2014 – today was the day I got my foot in the door. After 18 no’s, 1 yes.

To all those who are banging their head against a door. Don’t only bang on 1 particular door. Make new avenues. It diversifies interests, success channels and distracts you from focusing only on the obstacles. Oddly, there is also the law of averages. In the most despondent year around the globe, last year, I was refused in all competitions, local and international except one acceptance which came in late October. And in that one competition with Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, I also received my first signature letters. The extremes do happen and they happen to me and consequently can happen to you too. I feel you. That’s the point of the post. That I feel you. It’s rough. Paint.