Exhibit in San Ramon: Autumn’s Allure

San Ramon City Hall 7000 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon

California Watercolor Association has a member show at San Ramon City Hall. We have about 50 watercolor paintings hung in the light filled lobby of this new building. David Broad was juror of selection and Uma was the juror of awards.


Exhibit in Canada: 94th Open Water Show

Leighton Art Center 282027 144 Street West, Calgary

Canadian Society of Painters of Water Colours runs its 94th Annual Open Water Juried show in Calgary. If you are in the area, check it out!  


WATERCOLOR: Elegance in Watercolors, SJ

Citadel Art Studios 199 Martha St, San Jose

Watercolor workshop with a focus on minimalism without losing touch of realism. Suitable with intermediate level of watercolorists.  


Plein Air Convention, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I am happy to announce my addition to the 2020 Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) faculty in Santa Fe, NM: Aug 11-15, 2020. I encourage you to join us for #PACE20 for the time of your life. To find out more about #PACE20, head over to www.PleinAirConvention.com & register today! See you in Santa Fe!

Online 2 day Workshop

2 day workshop starting at 9am California Time. Check World Clock to see this in your time zone. I am excited to share my workshop of Juicy Watercolors to you online and to thus make it accessible wherever you may be. This is a 2-day workshop with the group working together for 6 hours daily + 45 min...


Demonstration with CWA

I will livestream my style of energetic painting for the members of California Watercolor Association(CWA)  on Nov 18, 2020. The demonstration will be free but interactivity will be limited to CWA members. The front page of  CWA will also have the details: https://www.californiawatercolor.org/index.php


COMPOSE: A Masterclass

ZOOM workshop

So here it is - the inaugural masterclass - COMPOSE! I feel reasonably confident about teaching a masterclass wherein the participants and I both feel discomfort as we collectively push against our current limits of either understanding or doing art. This event page allows me to stay with philosophy a bit longer. What I don't...


Demo: Live on Youtube

Sunday, Jan 24, 2021 9AM PST (West Coast, USA) 12PM EST (East Coast, USA) 10:30PM IST (India) Details + Reference picture  

Watercolor Toolset: A workshop for beginners

ZOOM workshop

Perfect for new watercolor enthusiasts, beginners to intermediate. April 16 & 18, 2021 (a weekend workshop) - Reserve your spot here Paint ONLINE with international direct watercolor and urban-sketching instructor, Uma Kelkar during an online weekend workshop through Madeline Island School of the Arts. This workshop will be held live on Zoom where students will have...


Drip: Extreme Wet on Wet Technique with Watercolour


In this 3-hour online class hosted by Etchr, paint along with professional Watecolourist and Urban Sketcher Uma Kelkar as she shows you how to embrace and let go of the fear of drips that often stops people from exploring a wet-in-wet style of painting. Create your own breathtaking landscapes using bold strokes and super wet pigments. This class is...


Palette June 2021

I also make sure that the mixing wells have some sort of warm/cool separation just like the palette has somewhat a separation. The right hand leaf is kept spare until...

18 no’s, 1 yes

My first no was in 2010 – from California Watercolor Association’s (CWA) International show. Like a first breakup, the first no was a gut punch. It took my 3 years...

The (story of) Colossal Bear

The Rotary Club of Los Altos launched a 2-in-1 community public art event and fundraiser event, titled, ‘The BEARS Project’. Artists could choose either the size of bear they worked...

Camera Holder for Painting Upright

Evolution of Need In the initial days of the pandemic, I had moved to the garage for my daytime work and also to conduct online classes. The rush of doing...

I got em.

Uma Kelkar, CSPWC here on. I feel very happy. Feel I am allowed a break tonight. Oh goodness! This is big for me. I am shaking my head. Rex Beanland...

Channel your Inner Lazy

Efficiency, elegance, maximum impact for least strokes are all elevated ways of describing ‘lazy’. May be it was conditioning of being a young parent who had to make do with...

All Lake District Pieces (No Story)

If you would like to see the Lake District Collection without the words and backstory, you are at the right place. To return to backstory at anytime, click here....

U-slim shady

I am a Velcro fan. Over time, I’ve made videos of some of the uses of Velcro for plein air painting I’ve devised and am linking to them below. Today...

COMPOSE: A Masterclass

I am excited to share my inaugural Masterclass called COMPOSE with you online and to thus make it accessible wherever you may be. PURPOSE This is a long format masterclass...


If you love Potter’s Pink and use it extensively, this article will not resonate. It will resonate if you are looking for ways to cut-back on the # of pigments...